Ashlee Dutton

I started going to Maria in 2013. When I first moved to London I got severe acne that formed large bumps all over my face/cheeks. I tried other laser clinics but nothing worked until I was treated by Maria. I had IPL and derma peels and within a very short period I saw results (6 months). Maria was also helpful in recommending some stress relievers and other alternative medicine that helped. My skin is clear and I've never had a breakout since. I also have no scarring. I continue to visit Maria approx. once per quarter to keep up the routine and ensure my youth stays intact! I would recommend Maria to anyone looking for acne treatment or anti-aging. She is not only very professional but also friendly.

Anna Perchal

I'm having a course of Intense Pulsed Light with Maria at the Wilbraham Place Practice in Belgravia. It's not at all uncomfortable for me & I'm very happy with the treatment & results & and very happy with Maria, who is charming & extremely professional. Looking forward to seeing the results at the end of my course & would recommend Maria to anyone.

Breige Corr

I have been going to Maria for over 6 years and she is the best. Maria treatments are bespoke and every time I go someone always comments on how great my skin looks. I have gone to other places fro treatments but they are never as effective as Marias.

Julia Walton

Maria's facials really, really get results! They are expensive but worth it.

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Ali Kerr

I have had a really excellent experience with this clinic and found Maria especially helpful, friendly and very professional. I have had the IPL treatment for some visible scarring on the neck due to an accident some years ago, and she advised me to have the IPL treatment. Since having the treatment my scarring has really improved and my skin appears much lighter and also improved in texture. I would highly recommend Maria who always pays attention to improve her treatments with the newest state of the arts equipment. With many thanks to her.

Nicola Littlewood

I have been using Acculaser Skin Clinic for over 5 years now for IPL, and am pleased with how well it has maintained my skin tone over the years. Maria is lovely and professional and I always recommend Acculaser to anyone who asks why my skin looks so good!

Julia Walton

I have had three treatments with Maria now and the results get better and better. It is very expensive, but it works and anyway, how do you put a price on looking younger, surely the Holy Grail we are all after?

Christine Pitt

I've been going to Maria for a number of years and recently tried her new Ultherapy treatment. I noticed an immediate difference around my neck area and was quite surprised! Great treatment! Maria is always lovely!