Terms and Conditions

The Acculaser Medispa is based at MichaelJohn, 6, Ellis Street, Belgravia, SW1X 9AL.

ALL bookings must be reserved with either a £50/£100 booking fee or full treatment fee. The booking fee will be deducted from the full price of your treatment at your appointment.

We kindly ask that you arrive at the correct time for your appointment. No shows and late shows will lose their booking fee. A late show is more than 10 minutes late as this causes disruption for other client’s bookings. For no shows or late shows clients on courses will have £50/£100 deducted from their booked treatment depending on the length of their treatment scheduled.

Payments may be made by debit or credit cards, cash or by PayPal. We accept most credit cards.

A consultation fee of £75 is charged for a 20 minute consultation, however should a client continue to have a treatment at the same appointment time, then the £75 will be deductible from the full treatment cost.

We politely ask for 72 hours notice of a cancellation, that is 3 week days, Monday to Friday as the clinic is closed over the weekends. Failure to give 72 hours notice of a cancellation will result in a £50/£100 charge to cover the appointment time booked. As we are not open at the weekends, weekend days ( Saturdays and Sundays) do not count as cancellation notice.

We reserve the right to charge all clients a rescheduling fee of £50 as an administration fee, before or after 72 hours notice.

Please turn your mobile to silent when entering the clinic in respect to other clients and to enable you to receive the best attention and advice during your treatment.

We respectfully ask that men shave before arriving for their facial, failure to do so will minimize the treatment and its effects.

Please note that some of the facial treatments will require some ‘down time’ and that all treatments have some contra-indications. Please check and consider this in advance before booking.

A client’s decision not proceed with a treatment during the appointment due to the treatment’s contra-indications or downtime because they did not check before the appointment, will not affect the minimum charge required of £50/£100 for the booking or the voucher submitted for that treatment time that has been booked and is still payable.

Please note that if you give false information during the consultation or you fail to offer full information that may be of relevance for your treatment, that you fail to give accurate feedback of any sensations during your treatment to the therapist or you fail to follow the Post Treatment Advice given, then The Acculaser Medispa will NOT take any responsibility for any adverse reactions you may experience due to the treatment given.

The client must agree to comply with all instructions and/or recommendations by the therapist and Post Treatment Advice given regarding the care of the treated areas and will be asked to sign a consultation form. The Acculaser Medispa will not be held responsible should professional advice not be followed.

Our apologies but children are not allowed on the premises due to dangerous equipment and to the minimal noise required during treatments.

All treatment details and prices are subject to change and availability at The Acculaser Medispa’s discretion.

Please note that if The Acculaser Medispa changes venue for whatever reason and at any time, then treatment fees already paid will NOT be refunded and the treatments will continue to be offered at the new venue. No travel costs will be awarded.

Please note that we will not accept responsibility for any valuables left by clients on the premises or of any damages to belongings.

All client information will be held in the strictest confidence.

Discounts on courses are not available with any other discount offers or vouchers.

All overdue or unpaid bills for treatments will be charged interest from the date of the booked treatment inline with the RPI.

Clients with online discount Vouchers must quote the code on the phone when booking the appointment.

ALL Online Discount Vouchers are valid for New Clients Only. Existing clients or clients who have previously submitted an online discount voucher will NOT be eligible to submit further vouchers as the reason for the online offers is purely to introduce new clients to the clinic.

Clients who arrive more than 10 minutes late or fail to arrive for their booked appointment WILL forfeit their full voucher treatment and will not be entitled to reschedule, without exception. It is the clients responsibility to know the address of the clinic and travel time before booking and scheduling the appointment and before setting out for the appointment. Please check all details before booking.

Appointments must be made and performed BEFORE the expiry date of the voucher. The voucher is normally valid for 3 months giving adequate time to schedule an appointment.

Appointments times and dates are limited and only available on certain days/times of the week.

Please note that there is a £50 RESCHEDULING FEE for ALL clients with a discount voucher and convenient rescheduled appointment times cannot be guaranteed.

Clients who fail to give 72 hours notice cancellation (3 working days only) will forfeit their voucher completely and you will NOT be entitled to reschedule.

Clients arriving with a voucher who have NOT checked for the contra-indications before booking the appointment and who are therefore not able to proceed with the treatment on the day of the appointment will NOT be entitled to a refund or be entitled to reschedule or be classed as ‘unsuitable for treatment’. It is the clients responsibility to check the list of contra-indications BEFORE booking an appointment and arriving for an appointment as stated clearly on the deal.

Please note there is a strict zero tolerance policy against rudeness or unreasonable behaviour from clients within the clinic and that clients may be refused treatments or appointments on this basis. No refunds will be granted in this instance.

*Please note that all our Terms and Conditions also apply to clients with vouchers.

Certain treatments may be bought as a course of numbered sessions and will be eligible for a discount only if the course of treatments is paid in full in advance.

Please note that time and effort is spent on thorough consultations and treatment explanations given to each client before payment of any treatments, and therefore the money paid for a course of treatment is non-refundable and non-transferable without exception.

By agreeing to pay for a course of treatments, you agree to our full terms and conditions.