DIATHERMY for Facial Thread Veins, Skin Tags and Milia Cysts


Defined Thread Veins (often found around the nose or cheeks)

Red veins on the nose-imagesA small needle is used to cauterise along the line of the broken thread veins. Depending on how deep and how much blood is trapped in the capillary will determine how many treatments will be necessary. The treated area will be quite red temporarily but should settle down fairly quickly. A light scab will form on the surface of the skin, whilst this is healing an Aloe Vera gel should be used to help heal the skin. Avoid foundation creams and perfumed products during this healing time. A light mineral powder may be used.

Small Localised Area ( generally sides of the nose OR a few capillaries on the cheeks) - £150

Medium Area ( generally more than one local area) - from £195

Large Area ( generally more than two areas) - from £225

Diathermy- Face
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Blood Spots

Blood spot-downloadThe same method of diathermy is used to cauterise the blood within the blood spot. Several blood spots can be treated at the same time and sometimes 1-2 treatments are necessary for each spot depending on the amount of blood present.

Up to 3 Blood Spots- £150 Larger Area- from £195

Skin Tags

skin_tags_1_afterA form of electrolysis with a needle, diathermy is used to cauterise the blood at the base of the skin tag that feeds the tag. Once the current has been applied, the skin tag will slowly begin to turn black and drop off within approximately 7 days depending on the size. Several Skin Tags can be removed at one time. Usually only one treatment is necessary to treat each skin tag.

Up to 3 Skin Tags- £150 Larger Area- from £195

Milia Cysts

milia_922_lgMilia cysts are tiny blocked sebaceous glands with the appearance of whiteheads and can be found alone or in clusters. They can take some time, even years to work their way to the surface and often never do. A tiny needle is used to cauterise the trapped sebum. A light scab may appear after the treatment and an Aloe Vera gel is recommended to use post treatment to help heal the area.

Up to 3 Milia Cysts- £150 Larger Area- from £195