This is the perfect Facial to make you feel warm, relaxed and pampered and to make your skin feel squeaky clean, velvety smooth and look glowing!

The Relax & Glow Facial includes the following treatments:-

  1. A Facial Scrub.
  2. An Aromatherapy Face & Neck Massage.
  3. An LED Light Therapy Treatment.
  4. A Retinol and Vitamin C Glow Dermal Peel.

This facial will give your skin a deep clean to eliminate dirt, grime and stale make-up. You will also enjoy a relaxing Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage with Aromatherapy oils and a warming LED anti-bacterial, de-pigmentation and anti-aging Light Treatment.

One treatment per month is recommended to keep your glow! An SPF 50+ and a hydrating moisturizer is recommended post treatments.

Relax & Glow Facial