The HydraPen is based on modern technology whereby the Pen not only induces many tiny dermal channels through the epidermis with tiny needles but at the same time the HydraPen introduces a cocktail of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins. Each dermal injury triggers the normal healing response within the skin and successive treatments trigger the fibroblasts and collagen fibres to react to tighten and firm the skin. Enlarged pores are reduced giving the appearance of smoother more even textured skin. The introduction of the specifically chosen serums gives a much stronger effect with more visible results.

This treatment is ideal to reduce wrinkles by stimulating the collagen to respond and swell and to heal acne scar tissue such as pock marks to even skin texture and reduce enlarged pore size.

The skin may become very dry post treatment and it is important that a deeply hydrating moisturizer such as Hyaluronic Acid Cream be used post treatment plus a high SPF 50+ to ensure the skin repairs well and is protected. Some redness will be visible post treatment akin to a light sunburn but this should settle within a day. Please avoid the sun during this time to allow the skin to heal. A light mineral powder may be worn post treatment but cream foundations should be avoided for 10 days.

Image of Collagen Induction Therapy-Eyes
Induction of Collagen Therapy-Lips
Induction of Collagen- bad scaring
Induction of Collagen-scaring


This treatment can also be used for stretch marks on the body by triggering the collagen reformation.

HydraPen Treatments