PIGMENTATION (Sun spots, age spots and melasma)

Pigmentation is a skin condition that virtually all of us will suffer from at some point in our lives. It affects both men and women of all ages.The medium to dark brown spots or melasma patches usually appear on the skin after the skin has been burnt in the sun, and can appear not necessarily immediately after the burning but sometimes years later when the skin is subjected to further UV A and B rays. Pigmentations have various origins amoung which include genetics, race, pregnancy, oral contraception and menopause etc. Solar radicals are also major triggering factors that increase the incidence of newly appearing pigmentation and the re-appearance of blemishes already established.

Unfortunately once the melanocytes have been damaged, they can never be repaired completely. So it is important to understand that it is possible for clinical treatments to fade pigmentation, sometimes significantly, however there is no treatment available on the market or within any clinic that will completely eradicate the pigmentation you already have.

Therefore we highly recommend that in order to avoid and minimize this issue, everybody, no matter how light or dark your skin colour, wears a minimum SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 30+ during the winter months of November to March, and a minimum SPF 50+ during the sunshine months. Obviously if you go to very hot climates or skiing at any time of the year it is important to keep wearing an SPF 50+. If you are in constant sunshine or post aesthetic treatments an SPF 50+ is strongly advised. Note that all SPF creams have a different duration effect on the skin, some 5 hours and some up to 12 hours so please read the label instructions carefully and remember to reapply . If you are swimming or sweating a lot then dab your skin with a tissue regularly and reapply every 4 hours regardless.

Sometimes women notice darkened pigmentation appear throughout pregnancy. The 'butterfly' pigmentation appears across the nose and cheeks as a butterfly shape. This can sometimes go by itself after pregnancy or can at least become lighter. This is why we do not offer treatments for this type of pigmentation whilst you are pregnant. Some women also find they can develop pigmentation after taking certain types of contraceptive pill. This pigmentation unfortunately rarely fades but can be treated in the clinic.


Suitable for ALL Skin types, 1-6, including black skins.

Beneficial for Melasma, pigmentation, sun damage and sun spots, post acne scarring and freckles.

Acculaser offers one of the most effective de-pigmentation treatments available on the market today. The world famous Mesoestetic COSMELAN clinical treatments and home care pack offers one of the most effecient and fastest ways to reduce pigmentation. Cosmelan influences the melanogenesis (pigment producing) process and ingredients include: Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Arbutine, Titanium Dioxide and Retinyl Palmitate. These ingredients block the formations of melanin (pigment) by inhibiting the tryosinase – an essential enzyme involved in the formation of pigment.


We use the Mesoestetics Cosmelan which acts within cells responsible for skin pigmentation, decreasing colour production and the disappearance of unattractive skin blemishes. Highly effective for all kinds of skin blemishes including Melasma, Age Spots and Hormonal Blemishes.

The method can be initiated at any time of the year provided the client uses the Mesoestetic Moisturising Sun Protection Factor 50+ on a daily basis so as to permit exposure to the sun without any negative effects.

aesthetic awards picCosmelan  are suitable for any skin phototype, light skins, meditteranean skins, asian skins and afro- caribbean black skins.


Application Procedure

The Cosmemlan treatment comprises of two phases.

First Phase

The first is the application of the thick brown skin coloured mask being applied in the clinic by a professional aesthetician which is then left on the skin for between 8-12 hours depending on skin type. (You may wish to arrange for a friend or an Ubur to pick you up from outside the clinic to take you straight home rather than use public transport!) It is advised that your appointment is booked in the morning to allow the mask to work during the whole day before removal in the evening. You will need to remove the mask yourself in the evening at the appropriate time.

Second Phase

The second phase comprises of the Cosmelan maintenance program to be applied at home. To ensure the compatibility of products and ensure the optimal results of the method, it is strongly advised that the Mesoestetic Home Care Pack be used which comprises of the Cosmelan 2 Cream to continue treating the pigment, the Melan Recovery Moisturiser and the Melan Pigment Control Sun Protection 130+ Cream.


It is important to understand that there can be some downtime with Cosmelan when the skin can be very dry and sometimes very flakey (as long as the client has followed the advise from the clinic.) During the third or fourth week after the cosmetic treatment using this method, the skin will already show a significant improvement. Skin discolorations being treated can lighten and simultaneously the skin will start to have a brighter and rejuvenated appearance.


The Nano Target Peel System with modern *Nano Technology

Suitable for ALL Skin Types

Beneficial for melasma, sun damage, post acne scarring, freckles.

This Peel System is a scientifically advanced Peel System by SesDerma using Nano Technology. It offers a 'progressive' treatment to reduce Melasma with no downtime.

The treatment is a Peel System and comprises of a Course of 4 Peels (cannot be bought as single peels) and each peel should be booked 1-2 weeks apart.

The specialized de-pigmentation Nano Peel uses modern technology of especially tiny molecules which penetrate deeper into the dermal layer unlike normal peels. This allows the peel to break down melasma in deeper levels of the skin but without giving a harsh peel on the superficial layers of the skin.

A specific Home Care Pack is included to maintain and care for your skin post peel. This Home Care Pack is important and should be considered part of the treatment.

The Nano Target Peel System with modern *Nano Technology

De-Pigmentation Peels can be performed on many parts of the body including the Hands, Heels, Toes, Elbows etc.