The contra-indications listed below will apply to all IPL treatments, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Pigmentation, Acne and Rosacea treatments and also the Dermal Peels and Dermarolling. Please check BEFORE booking your appointment to avoid disappointment. You will not be able to have treatment if you are contra-indicated however in some cases a GP's letter may be acceptable. Please call and ask for further advice if you are unsure.

If you do not read these contra-indications and arrive for your appointment and it transpires throughout your booked appointment that you cannot proceed with your treatment then a consultation fee of £50 will be chargeable for the appointment time booked or you will forfeit your voucher if you have one.


Pregnancy - due to the 'butterfly' pigmentation later in pregnancy, however the first few months are generally acceptable
Dark Skin Type 5 and 6 for IPL treatments due to laser effects and restrictions.
Photosensitive conditions
Cancer, especially skin cancer or if undergoing chemotherapy treatment
The recent or regular use of certain drugs- such as photosensitive anti-biotics, anti-biotic creams or gels, Roaccutane, herbal St John’s Wort, anti-coagulants, Gold medications or Retin A prescribed by a GP.
Recent injectables or Botox in the area (leave 10-14 days apart from IPL or laser treatment)
Recent surgery in the area
Healing Disorders- such as Diabetes Mellitus, lupus or radiation therapy or chemotherapy
History of keloid scarring (thickened scarring)
Open wounds or lesions near the area
Herpes Simplex (cold sores) - We can treat you if a cold sore is NOT present, as long as it is understood that IPL can, in some instances, trigger the onset of a cold sore
Lymphatic/Immune System disorders
Psoriasis/Eczema near the area to be treated
Skin diseases or disorders
Thyroid condition (The use of Thyroxine is not normally a problem)
Steroid Therapy
Raised moles and Birthmarks
Tattoos and Permanent Make-up in the area to be treated (These can be avoided if necessary)
The frequent use of Retinol Creams/gels, Glycolic acids and steroid creams/gels should be avoided whilst having these treatments
Patients who are unlikely to follow the post treatment guidelines or those with unrealistic expectations from the treatment.