Acculaser has performed hundreds of IPL treatments and treated both young and older clients with acne very successfully in the clinic. Different treatments are required depending on whether your acne is still active (if there are current pustular spots and infection) or if you have brown or red post acne hyper-pigmentation marks or indented pock marks.


IPL Acne treatments have a strong anti-bacterial effect to clear current infected spots and prevent the repeat of future pustular spots. IPL helps to heal the scar tissue, be it old or new. This treatment is ideal for Acne skins of all ages. IPL is NOT suitable for dark or black skin types 5 or 6.

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IPL Acne Treatments

Mesoestetics DERMAL PEELS

Mesoestetics is recognised worldwide for it's excellence in the field of aesthetic medicine for the superior treatment of pigmentation, anti-ageing and other skin problems. Prestigious dermatologists and aestheticians around the world recommend and use Mesoestetics dermaceutical products and treatments.

Some Dermal Peels react to show a light to heavy frosting (whitening) of the upper layers of skin. The whitened skin will then peel lightly to heavily, depending on the peel used. The lighter dermal peels will make the skin feel tight and dehydrated for 2-5 days and the medium to deeper peels will make the skin peel more heavily and therefore take longer to peel so there would be downtime of approximately 10-14 days depending on the peel used and skin type

An SPF 50+ and an intensely hydrating moisturiser such as Hyaluronic Acid Cream or Repair Cream should be used post treatment and these products are available to buy from the clinic.

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Mesoestetics 'Acne Peel System' Treatment (Award winning Dermal Peels)

This is a specialised Acne system that includes an Azelac Dermal Peel followed by an Anti-Stress Mask and completed with an Acne Shield Serum. A post treatment home care package is recommended with this treatment.

Acne Peel System

The Mesoestetics Post Peel Home Care Pack

This includes a cleansing mousse, Acne One day cream, Imperfection Control and Pure Renewing Mask

The Mesoestetics Post Peel Home Care Pack: £200
  • Please Note- Please refrain from the following 2 weeks prior to and 2 weeks after your peel-Laser Hair Removal/ Electrolysis/ Waxing/ Tanning/ Hair Colouring/ Chemical Hair Removal.