Acculaser has performed hundreds of IPL treatments and treated both young and older clients with acne very successfully in the clinic. Different treatments are required depending on whether your acne is still active (if there are current pustular spots and infection) or if you have brown or red post acne hyper-pigmentation marks or indented pock marks.

Choose the Correct Acne Treatment for You

IPL is ideal to treat currently active acne and other treatments available in the clinic such as the Cosmelan Peel or the Nano Technology Peel are ideal to treat post acne scarring such as dark or pink marks.

For deep post acne pock marks the HYDRAPEN needling treatment is the best treatment.


IPL Acne treatments have a strong anti-bacterial effect to clear current infected spots and prevent the repeat of future pustular spots. IPL helps to heal the scar tissue, be it old or new. This treatment is ideal for Acne skins of all ages.

IPL is NOT suitable for dark or black skin types 5 or 6 due to the lasers strong attraction to melanin.

 Acne- beforeCanniesburnAcne -Before Hospital Close up before Acne pt 4 Acne -after-Courtsey of Canniesburn Hospital Close up after Acne pt 4

IPL Acne Treatments